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Moving Insurance

Moving Insurance Insuring your property for a move can be a tricky decision. If and when you get estimates from professional movers, ask them what their “valuation liability” is. Valuation is not insurance. Valuation is the limit of their liability for your goods. For instance, their contract may place their liability at no more than […]

Moving Garage Sales

Moving and Successful Garage Sales A garage sale is one of the great ways to cut down on volume of items that have to be moved. Plus, they can put a few extra dollars in your pocket and at the same time give you a chance to start saying goodbye to your neighbors. Old clothes, […]

Moving Furniture

Moving Furniture If you’ve ever thought about organizing those closets and getting rid of items that just take up space, the time to do it is now. Discuss with your family how your needs have changed over the years and how your new home might accommodate them. Look at Your Furnishings Objectively Sell, donate or […]

Moving Day

Moving Day On moving day, attitude is everything – and your attitude is strictly business. Think of yourself as the CEO of this operation. Before the moving truck arrives, try to make sure your children are somewhere else – a friend or relative’s home. Also, the dog, the cat, the goldfish, all these things should […]

Moving & Donations

Moving and Donating to Charity If you’ve already done everything you can to cut the number of items you’ll need to move by giving to friends and family and holding a garage sale, and you still have leftover items, there basically two options remaining. IIf they have value, you can give them to charity; if […]

Moving & Decorating

Moving In and Decorating Your new home is a book of blank pages and it’s up to you to fill them – or at least decorate them. This can be fun, and should be. Here’s How to Approach Decorating Projects: Before you move, if you know you will be redecorating, talk with painters, carpenters and […]

Helping Kids Move

Helping your Kids through the Move As hard as moving is on adults, it is worse on children. Depending on their ages, you can expect everything from tantrums to the silent treatment. Even assurances that they’ll be able to keep up with friends via e-mail and social media probably won’t make them feel any better. […]

Get a Quote on Moving

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Choosing a Mover

Choosing and Working with Movers For many people anticipating a move, the decision of whether to hire a mover or move themselves is an easy one. The cost could be out of the question for some and for others, a do-it-yourself move, let alone even doing their own packing, is simply out of the questions. […]