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What does it take to afford the San Diego Lifestyle?

For myself, it took every part of moving up into different jobs until I eventually found my career in Real Estate. I personally had to make short term sacrifices to be able to reap the benefits. Fortunately, I found great connections and people to network with that led me to every leap. For a lot of people including myself, the cost of living in San Diego is substantial. With household items, gas, housing prices going up it is making it very difficult for many people to stay for the long term. However, there are many job opportunities that provide an income to live off and be comfortable.

My suggestion to anyone wanting to move to San Diego is to take into account how much it would be to live in the area they’d like to stay. Researching the average rent or mortgage in their desired areas. Also, visiting is one of my primary recommendations. Just seeing them on the internet through photos and videos gives you somewhat of a picture, but not the full story. In the end, moving to San Diego can be very easy, but it just takes some planning.

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