Why Real Estate?

A real estate career can be a rewarding choice for anyone, regardless of their level of professional or educational achievement. What you have done or learned prior to your real estate career can contribute to your success as an agent, but the common elements in most successful real estate careers are a sincere desire to help customers, a strong work ethic, and common-sense intelligence.

Your Own Path to Success

At The Local Realty, our Sales Professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and beginning skill sets – and this holds true throughout the entire real estate industry. Since Real estate is first and foremost a service and relationship business, relatively few agents, including The Local Realty Professionals, come from careers where “hard selling” is a part of the job. Those who enter the industry from “sales” positions often find it to be more fulfilling, both in terms of personal satisfaction and earnings.

Real estate agents are often professional business men and women who have decided to “work for themselves.” Many are recent graduates from school, just starting their careers. Others are active semi-retired individuals, with years of experience and wisdom to offer. Still others are energetic “part time” agents who dedicate their efforts to a tighter circle of customers.

Why Choose a Real Estate Career?

If you ask a Sales Professional with The Local Realty – or any other real estate agent, for that matter – why they chose a career in real estate, you’ll find a wide array of interesting answers. Real estate can certainly offer a high earning potential. The longer you stay in the business, the greater that potential becomes, through widening your circle of current and past customers, all of whom can refer new customers to you.

Many love the “helping people” aspect, while others want to exercise their independent nature and be their own boss. Most Sales Professionals with The Local Realty are independent contractors, and are thus able to set their own work schedules and build their business in the way that they wish, while relying upon The Local Realty for comprehensive training, support, marketing and career assistance.

From being your own boss to growing a lifelong business, there are many reasons to choose a real estate career. At The Local Realty, we can provide you the necessary tools to serve your customers successfully as you build a personally enjoyable, satisfying career.

Start Your Real Estate Career with The Local Realty

For more information on starting your real estate agent career with The Local Realty, please contact one of our local offices. A Professional or broker with The Local Realty will be happy to speak with you about real estate career opportunities at a location near you.


The Local Realty

The Local Realty is the leading International Lifestyle Real Estate Brokerage specializing in Local Real Estate Services. All of our Real Estate Associates specialize in a specific Community or Property type in order to provide the highest level of service and Local Real Estate Market expertise to our clientele.

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