Value of a Broker

While there are some independent real estate agents, most agents work for a real estate broker. Working for a real estate company, particularly one that is affiliated with a respected national brand such as The Local Realty, offers many advantages. Here are a few:

Brand Name Recognition

Working for a recognized and successful real estate brand name and broker gives you instant recognition and market awareness that leads to more prospective buyer and sellers.

Business Resources

In addition to offering a strong and trusted brand name (such as The Local Realty), most real estate companies provide marketing tools, websites, company resources, skill-enhancing training programs and tools and market promotion. This enables you to concentrate on representing home buyers and sellers, and puts resources at your fingertips to more effectively serve your customers.

Potential Customers

Particularly at the beginning of your career, a real estate broker is a strong source for potential customers. Even as you develop customers through referrals from past customers, your real estate broker can generate a significant number of leads for you through their website and ongoing marketing and advertising.

Increased Earning Potential

Your brokerage may offer many services for home buyers and sellers that an independent agent can rarely offer, such as title, home warranty and other home ownership services; you can earn additional income when a customer takes advantage of these convenient services.

Professional Training

Good real estate companies offer effective training and mentoring for their agents through live and online courses, seminars, and sales conferences. The Local Realty Sales Professionals have access to a comprehensive roster of interesting, relevant, career-building educational programs designed to give them an edge over the competition.


Group medical insurance and retirement programs not available to independent agents are often available through brokerages. The Local Realty proudly offers the best benefits in the industry.


Working for a broker puts you in close contact with other agents, resulting in more networking opportunities for real estate professionals and the synergy of being part of a team.

Start Your Real Estate Career with The Local Realty

For more information on starting your real estate agent career with The Local Realty, please contact one of our local offices. The Local Realty Sales Professional or broker will be happy to answer any questions you may have about real estate career opportunities at a location near you.


The Local Realty

The Local Realty is the leading International Lifestyle Real Estate Brokerage specializing in Local Real Estate Services. All of our Real Estate Associates specialize in a specific Community or Property type in order to provide the highest level of service and Local Real Estate Market expertise to our clientele.

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