Finding a Specialist

Don’t fret if your company does not offer the services of a professional relocation specialist. You can find one of these individuals with the necessary qualifications on your own.

The Local Realty Relocation Specialists

Naturally, we recommend that you work with a Professional from The Local Realty that has experience in Corporate Relocation in the area to which you plan to relocate. Searching our national agent database will return a number of qualified individuals, particularly those with the Relocation Professional designations. Since these designations are merely optional, if you don’t find an individual with one, we recommend that you call The Local Realty office in the area and explain your need.

Other Relocation Resources

If The Local Realty doesn’t serve the area you intend to move to, but you would like a recommendation, then we recommend that you contact The Local Realty offices for a referral to a trustworthy firm in the area.

If others in your company who may have made the same move, and were satisfied, then you should ask for the name of the professionals they worked with. You may even consider calling other firms with large offices in the area to see whom they work with, if they will share the information. Word of mouth and personal recommendations remain one of the best sources for finding the kind of help you need. You can also extend your search by contacting local Chambers of Commerce, Better Business Bureaus and other community service organizations.

Using the Internet

While the internet can be helpful in finding a Relocation Specialist, you should be careful to recognize that the #1 search result for “Corporate Relocation” will not guarantee that they are your best provider. Review the companies that you find in any online search carefully to ensure that they’re a credible provider.

Learn More about Corporate Relocation
If you are moving for professional reasons and need the services of a Relocation Professional, we recommend that you work with a Professional from The Local Realty that has the specialized knowledge to serve you.
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The Local Realty

The Local Realty is the leading International Lifestyle Real Estate Brokerage specializing in Local Real Estate Services. All of our Real Estate Associates specialize in a specific Community or Property type in order to provide the highest level of service and Local Real Estate Market expertise to our clientele.

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