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If you’re thinking of advertising on trulia for local leads, you may want to think twice. Although you may get lucky generating some leads, the costs in most cases don’t justify the expense.

In a chat conversation with trulia support, we defined that the cost per impression (everytime your ad pops-up on a page) was 10 cents per impression. Every time you get a lead (whether its valid or not) is $10/lead! Because trulia is built so that when a consumer views a listing it is easy to contact several agents at once, your market attraction and ad visibility is diminished.

Compared to other advertising techniques:
Google Ads: $0.50-$1.00 per click
Direct Mail: $0.50 per house
Door Hangers: $0.68 per house
Trulia Ad: $10 per click
You may want to rethink your ad game

Download the chat transcript from my recent conversation with Trulia Support showing their numbers and the agent agreeing the that prices are highly inflated.

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