Certified Local Experts®

The Certified Local Expert® designation is a federally registered trademark of The Local Realty, which trains Real Estate Industry professionals on how to become local market experts.

Local Real Estate Training Program

Our Certified Local Expert® Professionals undergo extensive training to become hyper-local experts in their community & real estate market in order to provide the highest level of Professional Service. Being ingrained in the heart of a community opens up new opportunities for clients including access to off-market and pre-listed or coming soon opportunities.

The Art of Negotiation

With professional negotiation skills, Brokers & Agents will typically obtain better results for their clients. The Local Realty Agents have a powerful competitive edge because of their ability to uncover information effectively, get more and give less during sales/purchase negotiations, and retain control over desired outcomes.

Talk to a Local Expert

Looking for a Real Estate Expert to assist you? Our 24 hour Live support staff will recommend a Certified Local Expert® who specializes in the Community or Property type you’re buying or selling!

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