Corporate Information

Whether it’s a local, regional or national, our experience, intelligence and resources help clients make informed real estate decisions.

We empower our teams, and our clients, with the information they need to anticipate market opportunities, seize competitive advantages and execute the best possible real estate strategies.

Company Holdings & Affiliate Brands

The Local Realty

The Local Realty’s Brokerage division provides Residental and Commercial Real Estate representation.

Rent Ruby

Rent Ruby® is our property management and rental resource marketplace; designed to help consumers search local rental listings, find a property manager, pay rent and move in.

Offer Dash

OfferDash® automates the real estate offer process; saving time+money for Buyers, Sellers, and Investors.


HomeBate® features Discounts & Home Rebates on products and services related to a home.

Local Realtors

Local, REALTORS® is a nationwide real estate referral network featuring the top Local Real Estate Professionals from around the globe.