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If your license is active but you either do real estate part time, don’t want to pay realtor fees or just want to refer business to other real estate professionals, The Local Realty Group Referral Network is perfect for you! Join The Local Realty Group and get paid referral fees by sending clients to other real estate agents either within our outside of our company. Our lead management and conversion team will also help connect your referrals with the right associates and will continue to follow up to make sure the lead converts.

Becoming a member of The Local Realty Group Referral Network carries many benefits:

As a member you are not required to pay MLS fees, Board of Realtors dues or Legal Defense fees. Your only cost is our nominal yearly membership fee of $99/year.

Competitive referral fee
Because of our history and size, The Local Realty Group is sometimes able to negotiate higher referral fees than the national standard. We don’t take any fees if you refer a client to an agent within our company, so you keep 100% of the referral fee!

Close relationships with full time Realtors
Our referral associates work closely with full time sales agents who can offer insight into the real estate market and tips on how to increase their referral business.

Easy Placement process
To place a referral, simply click on “Refer a Client” on our website, or call 866-538-6057 and give us the name, address and phone number of the person who needs to buy or sell a property. Your referral will be placed with a Realtor that same day. Should your customer require a certain agent or broker; we will work to accommodate their request.

We send the referral associate, the sales agent, and the office manager a confirmation letter for each referral to insure referral acceptance and prompt payment to all individuals.

High referral conversion rate
We have a high conversion rate, which means that your referral is more likely to close when you use a referral associate with The Local Realty.

We are committed to providing our associates with professional, courteous service. We are accessible and here for you!

Not ready to go from salary to commission right now?
The Local Realty Group enables you to earn referral fees from real estate transactions without having to quit your full time job. Why not put your real estate license to work now!

Build your customer base now!
If you are considering full-time real estate sales in the future, why start your real estate career “cold”? Begin to build your customer base now. Once you’re ready to become a fill-time associate, you can join one of The Local Realty Sales Teams.

If you ever need to take a break from full time real estate sales, The Local Realty Group is perfect. When you are with The Local Realty Group, you can do as much or as little with your real estate license as you like. There is not pressure to meet performance standards.

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