Manhattan Beach

– Manhattan Beach is a hotspot for beach volleyball and surfing. Every August, the city hosts the Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball Tournament and the International Surf Festival. Residential prices in Manhattan Beach are among the highest in the state of California. In 2013, the Dataquick study reported that more homes exceeding $1 million were sold in Manhattan Beach than any other city in California. Manhattan Beach ranked first, Hillsborough second Jolla third, Newport Beach fourthguna Beach fifth, Brentwood sixth, Beverly Hills seventh, and Pacific Palisades eighth. According to mean household income, The Higley 100 Census survey found that The Hill Section of Manhattan Beach ranks as the second highest income neighborhood in Los Angeles County, with Beverly Park ranking first and Beverly Hills (the 90210 section) ranking third, respectively.The current median residential home price is $1.8 million and property values in Manhattan Beach rank among the highest per square foot in the nation. Recent sales include $12.6 million for an oceanfront home situated on a 4,000 square foot lot. In May of 2014, a corner lot on the Manhattan Beach Strand (3,330 square foot lot) with a “tear down” house on it sold for a record $16 million. Many high profile individuals in the sports and entertainment industry call Manhattan Beach home due to its oceanfront desirability, top performing school district (ranked third best in the state of California), and commuting distance to Los Angeles.[Manhattan Beach is one of the three Beach Cities in the South Bay and has one public high school, Mira Costa High School. GQ Magazine named Manhattan Beach one of the six best beaches in the U.S. in their July 2014 issue. GQ also named Manhattan Beach the number one Beach in the nation for “food” citing the city’s excellent restaurants.

City: Manhattan Beach

State: California

Zip Code: 90266

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