MLS & Web Only Listing

A Web Only Listing (also known as a Flat Fee or MLS Only Listing) offers you the ability to expose your property on your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and through hundreds of local and national websites, while saving money on listing agent commissions!

Web Only Listings:
Pay a buyers agent who represents a buyer 2.5% to 3% (varies by area). If they don’t find a buyer, you don’t pay any commission at all! Typically, MLS Only listings average $1,500-3,500 per listing and can run as long as you desire. NOTE: The listing agent on an MLS only listing will not be responsible for receiving or negotiating offers. All offers will be forwarded directly to you.

To request a recommendation of a listing agent for your property, please complete the below form. Our client relations team will review your information and may contact you prior to providing an agent recommendations. Our goal is to have a clear picture of your sales goals and what you’re looking for in a Listing Agent, so that we may connect you with the best Listing Agent for your property.

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