Earning a License

The first professional requirement for a career in real estate is to earn a real estate license. A key component of this process involves passing a written exam. Although initial pre-real estate license training differs from state to state and is a prerequisite for entering real estate, ongoing training at all levels increases the ability for real estate agents to serve their customers, and to succeed in a real estate career. At The Local Realty™, for example, we offer our Sales Professionals the industry’s most innovative and comprehensive family of tools and resources – all provided in an atmosphere that emphasizes partnership, fun and support.

Real estate license requirements vary by state. If you’re interested in learning about licensing requirements for your state, we recommend that you contact a local office. The Local Realty™ Sales Professional or broker will be happy to discuss the steps you’ll need to take to earn a real estate license and advise you on local education options.

Your state’s Real Estate License authorities may also offer information on their Web site. For your convenience, we’ve provided links to all U.S. licensing bureaus in every state below:

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For more information on starting your real estate agent career with The Local Realty™, please contact one of our local offices. The Local Realty Sales Professional will be happy to answer any questions you may have about real estate career opportunities at a location near you.

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