2-4 Unit Real Estate Listings

Search 2-4 Unit multi-family real estate investment listings including Duplex (2 units), Triplex (3 units), and Fourplex (4 units) Real Estate Listings. Browse this collection of homes if you’re looking for a property to live in and rent out the extra unit to help cover payments, or you’re seeking a multifamily investment property.

2 Unit – Duplex Real Estate Listings

A duplex includes two 2 units attached to each other, similar to a townhouse. Some people buy duplexes with the intent of living in one unit and renting out the other.  Here are some examples of duplex real estate listings on the market.

3 Unit – Triplex Real Estate Listings

A triplex refers to 3 units on the same parcel. Each unit of a triplex has its own kitchen, bathroom(s), living room, separate doors to the outside, and its own address or unit number. Triplexes are less common than duplexes and fourplexes, so if you are looking specifically for a triplex, you may have a difficult time finding them. Here are examples of triplex real estate listings we’ve found currently on the market.

4 Unit – Fourplex Real Estate Listings

A fourplex is the largest multi-family property type before a real estate listing would be considered an apartment. A fourplex includes 4 units on one parcel. Fourplex properties represent the biggest multifamily cash flow out of 2-4 unit properties if the landlord decides to rent out all four units. Fourplex units can qualify under residential financing which can have much betters terms than a commercial loan. Here are some examples of fourplexes for sale.

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