Seller Closing Costs – Who Pays for What?

The Seller Can Expect to Pay For:

  1. Any and all delinquent taxes
  2. Tax proration (for unpaid tax at time of transfer of title)
  3. Any unpaid home owner dues (HOA dues)
  4. City conveyance/transfer tax
  5. Compliance to any minimum mandatory government retrofit standards (smoke / CO2 detector installation and water heater bracing)
  6. Document preparation fee for the Deed
  7. Documentary transfer class
  8. Home warranty (possibly)
  9. Natural hazard disclosure source report
  10. Owners title insurance
  11. Real estate commissions for both sellers and buyers agent
  12. Recording charges to clear all documents of record against seller
  13. Seller escrow fee
  14. Seller notary fees
  15. Inspection for septic or private sewer systems
  16. Termite inspection
  17. Termite work

The Buyer Can Expect to Pay For:

  1. ❏ All new loan charges (loan points, discount points, processor fees)
  2. ❏ New lender charges
  3. ❏ Appraisal
  4. ❏ Credit report fee
  5. ❏ Buyer escrow fee
  6. ❏ Buyers title charges
  7. ❏ Buyer notary fees
  8. ❏ Property inspections
  9. ❏ Any additional inspections desired and needed
  10. ❏ Fire insurance premium for the 1st year
  11. ❏ Interest on new loan from date of funding to 30 days prior to 1st payment date
  12. ❏ Recording charges to all documents in buyers name
  13. ❏ Tax proration (from date of acquisition)

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