Estimated Seller Closing Costs

In addition to real estate commissions, the seller of a property can expect to pay an average of $3,500 in closing costs when selling a property. However, when working with The Local Realty we offer a free escrow to the seller (avg. $2,000 savings)

Here is what you can expect to pay for at closing when selling:

  1. Any and all delinquent taxes
  2. Tax proration (for unpaid tax at time of transfer of title)
  3. Any unpaid homeowner dues (HOA dues)
  4. City conveyance/transfer tax
  5. Compliance to any minimum mandatory government retrofit standards (smoke / CO2 detector installation and water heater bracing)
  6. Document preparation fee for the Deed
  7. Documentary transfer class
  8. Home warranty (est. $500)
  9. Natural hazard disclosure source report (est. $95
  10. Owners title insurance (est. $1,650)
  11. Real estate commissions for both sellers and buyers agent (average 4-6%)
  12. Recording charges to clear all documents of record against seller
  13. Seller escrow fee (avg. 1% of sale price)
  14. Seller notary fees (avg. $95)
  15. Inspection for septic or private sewer systems (avg. $350)
  16. Termite inspection (est. $95)
  17. Termite work (average $2,500)

The Buyer Can Expect to Pay For:

  1. ❏ All new loan charges (loan points, discount points, processor fees)
  2. ❏ New lender charges
  3. ❏ Appraisal
  4. ❏ Credit report fee
  5. ❏ Buyer escrow fee
  6. ❏ Buyers title charges
  7. ❏ Buyer notary fees
  8. ❏ Property inspections
  9. ❏ Any additional inspections desired and needed
  10. ❏ Fire insurance premium for the 1st year
  11. ❏ Interest on new loan from date of funding to 30 days prior to 1st payment date
  12. ❏ Recording charges to all documents in buyers name
  13. ❏ Tax proration (from date of acquisition)

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