Real Estate Consulting

The Local Realty offers Real Estate Consulting Services in addition to our Sales Representation Services. Our Real Estate Consultants have a large breadth of skills which can be used to reach a variety of outcomes.

What Is Real Estate Consulting?
Selling has one focus – to SELL something. Sometimes the best choice for a consumer is not to buy or sell at all! Our Consultants can be retained to provide the counsel to help you reach the right financial decision.

Our Consultants can offer a variety of compensation alternatives such as hourly consulting, a flat fee, as well as traditional commissions. Our consultants can tailor their services based on your needs in order to reach their goals.

Who might be interested in Real Estate Consulting?

  • Any homeowner who’s trying to decide whether to “move or improve” and wishes they could get objective counsel…
  • Any buyer who isn’t sure they’re ready to buy but would like some guidance on the market…
  • Any seller who really doesn’t WANT to play Realtor but feels forced to go it alone if they need to save money…
  • Any consumer who’s ever resorted to a discount broker or a discount commission and found out too late that they gotdiscount service which didn’t get the job done, or didn’t get it done right – thus losing money and valuable market time.

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