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Sales Analysis

Estimated sale value: 0
Value range: 0 - 0
Change in the last 30 days: 0
Estimate accuracy +/- 0%

Rental Analysis

Estimated rental rate: 0
Value range: 0 - 0
Rental rate change in the last 30 days: 0
Rent estimate accuracy +/- 0%

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Year Built:
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Tax Year:
Tax Assessed Value: $0
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Last Sale Value: $0

Valuation Notes:

The above analysis is compiled with information gathered from property tax records and public data. This property located at is estimated to have a sale value of $0 and could expect to lease for $0 per month in today's real estate market.
Average Sale Value in
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: $
Investment Potential: Assuming you paid cash, if you were to purchase this property at the current market value ($0) and rent it at the current estimated lease amount ($0), you would yield an expected 0% CAP rate (Annual Net Income / Current Market Value).
Estimated Annual Expenses
Management fees at 8% = $0.00
+ Property Taxes at 1.3% = $0.00
+ Property Insurance = $1,200.00
+ Other variable expenses = $0.00
Total Annual Expenses = $1,200.00
Annual Rent Collected = $0.00
- Total Annual Expenses = $1,200.00
Net Income After Expenses = -$1,200.00
CAP Rate Range: 0% - 0%
If you were to purchase this property using financing at today's interest rates, you would deduct your annual mortgage expense from the calculation above to find your Net Income After Expenses. Assuming an interest rate of 4.25% with a 20% Downpayment, your estimated mortgage expense would be $0.00 per year OR $0.00 per month. This would bring your Net Income after Expenses to -$1,200.00
Data Accuracy: Without knowing the current interior condition of this property nor the quality of craftsmanship, the automated sales valuation accuracy for this property is +/- 0% and the estimated rent valuation is +/- 0%. To receive a more accurate property valuation report for your home, request a FREE Brokers Price Opinion from one of our Real Estate experts.
Market Updates: The last time our valuation was updated for this property was on Wednesday 02/19/2020.
This Automated Property Valuation Estimate and Investment Analysis was compiled using proprietary algorithm's and through utilization of the Zestimate.