Non-Exclusive Listing

A Non-Exclusive Listing Agreement allows a Real Estate Brokerage to market your property to find a buyer. No representation is provided unless the Brokerage finds a buyer. A non-exclusive agreement is great when a seller wants to use an attorney to handle the transaction but needs the marketing expertise of a real estate professional.

Although this may be a great option for a seller, keep in mind there is no commitment between the agency and the seller unless the agency finds a buyer. It’s often recommended that if a seller require this option, they provide the agent upfront funds for marketing in order to provide maximum benefit to the seller.

To request a recommendation of a listing agent for your property, who can provide a NON-Exclusive listing, please complete the below form. Our client relations team will review your information and may contact you prior to providing an agent recommendations. Our goal is to have a clear picture of your sales goals and what you’re looking for in a Listing Agent, so that we may connect you with the best Listing Agent for your property.

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