Expected Selling Time

It’s a fact: Your home will attract the most excitement and attention when it’s first listed. And all the buzz simply increases your chance for a quick sale.

However, nobody can promise when your house will sell. It could be one day, two weeks, three months – or longer. Some of it depends on these factors:

  • Local and national economic factors
  • Market conditions
  • Number of comparable homes for sale in your area
  • Whether or not people are buying new homes, existing homes, or none at all

Any or all of these factors can speed up (or slow down) the sale of your home. No matter the market, here are tried and true tips for selling your home faster:

Make it Look Good

Ever see a food commercial that makes you hungry? It looks so good. Presentation, they say, is everything. And so it is with your home. The more appetizing it is, the more likely buyers will bite. Your real estate agent has tips for making your home look – and show – great.

Price it Right

Sixty percent of buyers purchase homes at market value–not above it. Price your home at market value and you’re likely to see more prospects, which increases your chance for a sale. Let one of our agents help you price it right from the beginning.

Market it Well

Reduce the time to sell with proper marketing. Innovative, effective marketing is crucial to improving your sell time. To reach the most possible buyers, a good real estate agent will use a variety of methods to market your home across many different and relevant venues, going beyond traditional methods like print advertising to proven-effective venues like the Web.

With 80 percent of home buyers online, you’ll want to be sure you’re working with an agent who uses the Internet to sell your home; otherwise, you’ll be missing out on a lot of buyers.

Marketing is so much more than advertising. It’s a complex process that’s both art and science. Having technologies and ideas is one thing; knowing how and when to use them is another.
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