Finding a Property Online

Tips For Finding a Property Online

The Internet and real estate professionals are the top two resources most buyers turn to when searching for a property.

Commercial Real Estate: Finding the perfect commercial property must start with finding the right commercial real estate professional. Information for commercial properties is limited online and there are several permit and city guidelines that may be required based on your business type. Until you work with a Local Commercial Real Estate professional, your time will be wasted.

Residential Real Estate: Purchase and Selling a residential property has changed drastically since 2005 and the majority of residential homes for sale can now be found through online websites.

BEWARE: Did you know that a large amount of For Sale Real Estate Listings online are NOT Actually For Sale? That’s Right. Due to the increase in Advertising and Marketing Companies “taking over” the virtual technology industry, the majority of websites like Trulia, Zillow display thousands of Inactive listings only to gather your contact information and resell it to advertisers. As a licensed real estate brokerage, The Local Realty™ has access to the MLS systems which every agent uses and can provide an exclusive access at no cost and without reselling your information.

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Types of Online Website Portals

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

The MLS or multiple listing service is the main system that real estate professionals input their listing information on. This is the hub of real estate property listings which all agents who subscribe to the MLS are usually required to input their information. The MLS is the most accurate source of information and must be sent to you by a real estate professional.

Internet/Advertising Websites e.g.,, etc.

These websites claim to offer the largest number of properties for sale, however, the accuracy of information and creditable data information on these websites is extremely low. The majority of these sites allow anyone to Add, Edit, Delete information creating a high chance of scams and misinformation. These websites are NOT REGULATED BY THE STATE DEPARTMENTS OF REAL ESTATE, meaning that they don’t have to abide by any real estate laws, unlike any real estate brokers or agents website.

MLS Powered IDX/RETS Websites

Real Estate IDX powered websites are what the majority of real estate agents have on their websites. The information from the MLS is sent to a technology service provider which contains limited MLS property information. The information may be limited because when an agent lists a property on their local mls, they usually will have an option allowing them to send the property through an IDX feed or not.
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