Selling a Property

Getting Started with Selling a Property

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that listing your property is the first step. Knowledge is power so before you get ahead of yourself, get ahead of the game by doing your homework.

Tips and Tools

Assess Your Market

Competition is all around you, from new home developments to foreclosures. You must investigate all challengers to your house.

Tips and Tools

Assess Your Property

Even in a sellers’ market it’s important to have your property in top shape to get the best price. In a buyers’ market, it’s imperative.

Tips and Tools

Selling by the Season

As the seasons change, so do the tactics necessary to get your property sold.

Tips and Tools

Find a Realtor®

You need someone in your corner who will help you get the best price for your house. Here’s what a Realtor® from The Local Realty can do for you.

Tips and Tools

Setting the Stage

Any good house painter or actor will tell you the key to success is preparation. Before you put the “for sale” sign in the yard, make sure your home is bright and Oscar-worthy.

Tips and Tools

Indoor Fix-ups

When selling, it’s key to know on which rooms to spend your energy and dollars.

Tips and Tools

Outdoor Fix-ups

First impressions count for a lot, especially in real estate. Make sure your house gives buyers something to remember.

Tips and Tools

During the Listing

Putting the “for sale” sign in the front yard is just the beginning. Make sure you know what to expect as the sales process begins.

Tips and Tools

The Offer

Price is obviously important, but make sure you understand the whole offer before making a decision because sometimes the devil actually is in the details.

Tips and Tools

The Negotiation

Like playing poker, negotiation is an art, and those who win always keep their cool.

Tips and Tools

Waiting to Close

You can’t let up just because you are in escrow. Make sure to stay on top of these issues and you’ll walk away a happy seller.

Tips and Tools

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