Why Buy and Live in Monterey County

Growing up in Carmel, CA was truly one of the best experiences of my life.

  • Starting at Tularcitos Elementary School in Carmel Valley (waiting for the day to play in the lower sandbox)
  • Playing baseball on the Volunteers at the Carmel Valley Little League
  • Skipping rocks and rafting down the Carmel River
  • Biking to the bus stop at Carmel Valley Ranch everyday for school
  • Playing tennis and getting on the tennis team for Carmel Valley Ranch (even though my family wasn’t members)
  • Twilight golf at Rancho Canada, playing “poor mans” golf overlooking the bay at bayonet
  • 4 wheel’n up Robinson Cyn Rd  – Hollister Hills – probably your backyard if it had dirt and room to make a doughnut
  • Sneaking in through the guard gates in Pebble Beach; enjoying fresh apples and fruit water at the Pebble Beach Club overlooking the beautiful Carmel Coast
  • Hitting home runs at the Carmel Middle School (without a fence) and the Carmel High School Baseball field
  • Giving my all everyday playing football on the offensive and defensive line for the Padres; playing in the shoe games

The list goes on and on but I know “nobody’s got time to read all that”. So I’ll get to the point. If you have children or are planning to, do everything you can to allow your children the opportunity to grow up in Monterey County; you won’t regret it. One of the biggest problems I’ve found when people buy a home is buying a home because of the features it offers and not because of the location. It’s like choosing the materialistic life over a happy and well lived life; in the end you’ll wish you did the latter.

IN SUMMARY: When buying a home, Select the Community that best matches your lifestyle first, then look for the right home and sacrifice things (if you have to) about the homes you’re looking at in order to be in the location that’s right for you and your family.


I was born and raised in beautiful Carmel, CA. In 2004, I graduated from Carmel High School and made my way to San Diego to attend the college of business at San Diego State University. After life in Carmel, San Diego opened my eyes to a larger world that I didn’t know existed while sheltered in the the environment of Monterey Bay. Enthused, I started a business within 4 months of being in San Diego and never looked back; until now.

After over 12 years of living in San Diego, powerful strings have pulled at my heart to return to Monterey County. With the vast knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years, selling 300+ properties, owning several real estate and technology businesses including 13 trademarks, working on real estate development projects in excess of 1 Billion dollars, leading several multi-million dollar companies, etc., I am excited to return to the Central Coast; where my knowledge, drive and heart are ready to enhance, inspire and thrill those that seek to live within Monterey Bay.

Have questions about real estate in Monterey County or just want to chat? Call me at (866) 538-6057 or shoot me an email at hale@thelocalrealty.com

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